Amethyst Bijou Bottle

The stunning, gentle, and serene purple hue of Amethyst is every bit as powerful as it is beautiful.  Amethyst has become synonymous with peaceful calm and tranquillity, often being gently referred to as the Universe’s crystal tranquilizer. 


Used the world over for its ability to reduce anxiety and stress, Amethyst can help alleviate mood swings and minimize hormonal shifts.  However, while Amethyst undeniably offers soothing relaxation and tremendous stress relief for those who seek its healing power, the crystal also offers an assortment of vibrations that promote mental clarity, improved critical thinking, and help facilitate uninhibited decision making.

Perfect for the office, the hiking trail, or sipping on your back porch after a long week, an Amethyst Bijou Bottle provides superior soothing power while keeping you hydrated, healthy, and happy.  Beautiful to look at and offering tremendous emotional and mental support, the energy that comes from an Amethyst Bijou bottle can help strengthen your immune system, release tension, reduce headaches, and soothe emotional or spiritual stress in your life.


Rose Quartz Bijou Bottle

Rose Quartz is one of the natural world’s most robust conduits of love, prosperity, and heightened emotional connectivity.  While Rose Quartz is most often recognized for its tremendous ability to promote loving vibrations that are ideal for attracting and enticing potential love interests, there is one often overlooked love connection that Rose Quartz is not given full credit for:  Strengthening self-love. 


The ultimate accessory for individuals on their own journey to self-acceptance, love, and appreciation, a Rose Quartz Bijou Bottle helps the body receive, retain, and metabolize the powerful energy that Rose Quartz delivers.  By infusing every sip of water with the amazing vibrations of positivity, self-care, and true personal acceptance, the Rose Quartz Bijou Bottle provides emotional and spiritual support for the individual drinking from it, while also sending out the vibration of love and positivity for those around them. 

In addition to the nearly limitless capacity for giving and receiving love, the high intensity energy that comes from Rose Quartz can provide superior stress relief, improved sleep, and release from personal trauma.  Sipping from a Rose Quartz Bijou Bottle can help provide physical and emotional healing, improved self-confidence, and an enduring energy of positivity that is contagious and attractive to all you encounter.