How does it work ?

What is a Crystal Water Bottle?

With almost a staggering 75% of our bodies being made of water, it stands to reason that the quality, elements, and components of the water we drink can have a tremendous impact on our overall physical health and wellness.  However, the critical importance of the type of water we drink goes so far beyond our physical being – and can impact our emotional, metaphysical, and spiritual self tremendously. 

Crystal Water Bottles provide superior health and wellness supports to our bodies on a molecular and basic-vibration level.  By carefully identifying, selecting, and infusing the energy of specific crystals into our drinking water, we are able to custom create health and wellness solutions that hold the power to improve our lives, our mental clarity, and physical health.  Crystal Water Bottles combine the naturally occurring energy within gems and crystals and infuses their vibrations into the water we drink – delivering maximum results and impact with every sip.

Water is a natural conduit of energy and vibrations, creating clear, direct, and uninhibited pathways with the power to infuse specific energies and carefully cultivated pulsations into our lives on a very basic, sub-atomic level.  When drinking from a Crystal Water Bottle, the water you are bringing into your body has been infused with these energy-charged components, leading to improved mental clarity, spiritual stimulation, and better control over our own emotions and impulses.

What makes a Crystal Water Bottle so unique?

Since the dawn of time, water has remained a powerful channel for nutrients, growth, and energy.  Capable of soaking up energy, nutrients, and minerals, water has the unique capacity to change our bodies and minds on a molecular level unlike any other component in the known Universe. 

For millennia, humans have harnessed the tremendous power of gems, crystals, and minerals in order to amplify, heal, and support our physical and emotional lives.  From healing powers to spiritual supports, crystals have been crafted into jewellery, embraced ritualistically, and carried religiously in order to promote healthier and happier lives.  Crystal Water Bottles combine the powerful conduit of water, the literal fuel for our lives, with these powerful crystals that provide the support and energy we need to optimize our emotional and physical wellbeing. 

Water naturally soaks up with tremendous energy of the crystals within the Crystal Water Bottle, infusing the powerful vibrations into every sip and drink.  The results?  A powerful and almost instantaneous infusion of life changing energy that impacts our body on a molecular level.   

Benefits of Crystal Water Bottles?

Crystal Water Bottles provide a wide and powerful assortment of incredible benefits for the body, mind, and soul.  Deriving their power directly from the crystals and gems within the water bottle itself, the benefits of drinking from a Crystal Water Bottle goes far beyond simple hydration or stunning aesthetics.

Crystal-Infused water that comes from a Crystal Water Bottle provides unique and specific benefits depending on what type of crystal or gem is used in the bottle.  While there are very specific uses and benefits associated with each crystal or gem, there are several overarching benefits that each Crystal Water Bottle user can enjoy. 

While the water does not under-go a physical or bio-molecular transformation, the energy and vibration of the water is altered tremendously.  Crystal Water Bottles are known to help regulate moods, reduce stress, lessen the impact of anxiety, improve sleep, and strengthen metal clarity.  The physical benefits have been known to include reduced headaches, improved menstrual cycles, and elevated motional states.