Frequently Asked Questions

Use & Care

Why should I use the Bijou Bottle?

Our bottles will charge your favourite drink with the amazing power of healing crystals.

Not only fashionable with a stunning rose gold finish, our eco-friendly, crystal water bottles remind you to drink more water and be the healthiest version of yourself.

You can choose from the wonderful Rose quartz and open up your heart chakra; promoting unconditional love, forgiveness, infinite peace, and compassion or; tackle your inner chi with the serene energy of the Amethyst.

We also offer 2 strainers – a tea strainer and a fruit strainer – so you can drink your vitamins as well as your energy filled drink.

Each crystal has it’s own unique healing properties. At Bijou Bottle, we have designed those Crystal Water Bottle so you can benefit of the best the crystals vibration during Yoga, Meditation, Work, Play or on the go.

How do I insert the crystals in the bottle?

Our bottle is really easy to use – it is made with two chambers.

One chamber, where you will fill your water in; and the other chamber, where you can insert your gemstones/crystals. You simply need to open the included bag of gemstones/crystals, unscrew the bottom stainless-steel cap, place the crystals in carefully and re-tighten the lid. Et voila!

What keeps me from preparing my crystal elixir water by simply placing the crystals/gems directly in the water?

In the past, gems/crystals were put directly in the water to prepare gemwater or "crystal elixirs" and therefore had to be cleaned regularly. Besides the cleaning issue, stones often also emit hazardous substances (e.g. bedrock). Those contaminations were consumed along with the water. Some healing crystals that can be used in external applications without a problem may even release toxic substances if they are placed directly in water.

The perfect way to avoid those issues is to use the chamber we have specifically designed for you to insert the crystals in and infuse the water without having a direct physical contact. 

Can I change the gems inside my crystal chamber?

You can change the gems/crystals however, we are not selling separate bags of gems/crystals yet. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you can be notified once we may do so in the future. 

How do I take care of my Bijou Bottle?

Your Bijou Bottle is made of durable, eco-friendly Borosilicate glass, and rust-free stainless steel.

Unfortunately, no glass is break proof and there is no guarantee that your bottle won’t break when dropped, bumped or placed in a bag. 

PLEASE be aware that they are made of glass. Handle them with the same care as a precious wine glass. Avoid impacts, blows or strokes. Don't drop it. Don't freeze, boil or microwave it. Avoid temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius and above 35 degrees Celsius.

When storing your bottle, keep the lid off to ensure no excess moisture build up.   

Even though the body of our bottles are dishwasher safe, we recommend you to hand wash your bottle with warm soapy water; stainless steel lid and base should only be hand washed.  

Safety- Please inspect the bottle and crystal carefully for any breakage if the item is dropped.  If it has cracks or other damages, STOP USAGE immediately. 

Damaged Bijou Bottle products are not safe for usage and may cause physical harm. If you have swallowed and pieces from your Bijou Bottle product SEEK IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION!

Please discontinue use if you see any abnormalities in the bottle and contact us immediately.

Cleaning- Please clean the bottle thoroughly prior to your first usage. Even though the body of our bottles are dishwasher safe, we recommend you to hand wash your bottle with warm soapy water; stainless steel lid and base should only be hand washed.  

We recommend that you avoid carrying your bottle in your bag as it could be broken from putting down or dropping your bag as well as any other objects inside your bag. 

Do not use fizzy beverages such as sparkling water and soft drinks, as these can allow the bottle to build up undue pressure, which can lead to breakage.

Do not freeze, boil or microwave.

Keep away from children.

Before adding some boiling water, ensure you fill your glass 1/4 of the way with  room temperature water. 

Before placing the cover back on, give a few minutes for the steam to escape.

Before putting ice cubes in your bottle, make sure to add water to your bottle.

For any further questions on how to care for your bottle please contact our support team at

How much water do Bijou Bottle hold?  

Our bottle holds 450 mL /16 oz

How do I cleanse and charge my crystals?

Our favourite method of cleansing and charging is by placing crystals under the light of a full moon. Where possible, place crystals directly on the ground or any natural surface.

Other methods include:

Sunlight - Place crystals in sunlight for no more than half an hour. It is important to not leave it out any longer, as some crystals such as Amethyst can fade from direct sunlight. 

Water - Both fresh water and salt water can be used. Natural running water, such as water in a stream or creek is best, but you can also use water from a running tap. Note that this cleanses only and should be done with caution as some crystals should not submerged in water. 

Or feel free to use whatever crystal knowledge you have to recharge or programme your crystals as you wish.

Why should I cleanse and charge my crystal?

Crystals will also absorb different energies, both positive and negative. Over time the negative energy can build up, interfering with the effectiveness of your crystal. It is important to cleanse and charge your crystals regularly, depending on use. It is also recommended that you cleanse and charge your crystals when you first receive your bottle.


Sending to you.  

We aim to package all our products as carefully as we can and deliver securely to you. If your Bijou Bottle arrives damaged we must be notified within 3 days of receiving your parcel.

What currency is used on the Bijou Bottle website? 

All orders on Bijou Bottle are processed in USD.

For your convenience, we have a currency converter on our site which will automatically convert the price to your local currency. However, this for an indication only, Bijou Bottle process all orders in USD. While the content of your cart will be displayed in your local currency, you will checkout using USD at the most current exchange rate.

This is the reason your confirmation email amount may differ to the amount on your bank statement.

My order status is 'unfulfilled', what does this mean?

If your order status is shown as unfulfilled this simply means your order has not yet been dispatched, but the payment has been successful. Once your order has been dispatched you will receive an email to confirm your order has been fulfilled.