About us

Bijou Bottle offers powerful crystal healing water bottles that hydrate as they heal.


At Bijou Bottle, we believe that the key to living a spiritual, connected, and joyous life can be found within our intention.  We believe that each of us holds the power to manifest and create the joy, health, and love we want to experience in our lives, and that through quiet reflection, chakra work, and intention setting, we can unlock the power and potential we hold deep within ourselves.

Bijou Bottle was founded in Sydney, Australia, but today serves a global audience of individuals looking to literally infuse positivity and wellness into their everyday routine.  

At Bijou Bottle, we offer crystal healing water bottles that energize the mind, body, and soul. Ideal for everyday hydration, crystal healing, chakra work, yoga classes, or simply enhancing your personal aesthetic, each of our ornate and stunning crystal healing water bottles unite the power of intention with the energy of crystals.

Beyond the powerful energy these stunning water bottles deliver to your body on a very molecular level, our high-quality bottles are eco-friendly, constructed from recycled materials, and reduce the impact felt in our waterways from the suffocating pollution of single use water bottles.

Whether you are on-the-go and looking for a stylish water bottle to keep you hydrated, quietly meditating and practicing intentional introspection, aligning your chakras, or fueling your muscles during an intense yoga session, each of our crystal water bottles provide you with a unique energy experience that will help you deconstruct energy blockages, improve your focus, and invite happiness and joy into your life.

Welcome again, to Bijou Bottle – where energy and intention intersect.