What Is Lithotherapy And How Does It Work?

The origins

The word lithotherapy comes from the Greek terms “lithos” (stone) and “therapeia” (cure). It refers to the art of healing by the stones. However, if the etymological origin of the word lithotherapy is easy to trace, the same is not true of the historical origins of this art, whose roots are lost in the depths of time. Stones and crystals have indeed accompanied humanity since the first hand-made tool, and are still used in the most recent technologies.

Civilization such as Mayas, Azteques and other civilizations from South America believe in the stones power. Though Ancient Egypt, was the first to consider the use of the stones as a medical end method like science.

Doctors of Ancient Egypt are healing priest healing the body and mind. They started to get an interest into the stones and its colours and will develop numerous techniques based on placing gemstones on the body.

How does Lithotherapy work?

Lithotherapy uses the energy of stones to heal.

Modern science does not yet understand all the implications of vibrations and energy.

However, many earlier civilizations and many older philosophers had, if not the knowledge, at least the intuition of these forces.

It is found to have various benefits: physical, psychic, emotional or even spiritual, as described in particular in Hindu philosophies.

It is precisely on these forces that lithotherapy will be based (at least energy lithotherapy which we will discuss here).

Lithotherapy therefore has a holistic approach, in which the mind and the body are inseparable, as thought for example by the philosopher Descartes, who is notably at the origin of part of the modern scientific process.

The energy of stones

The most important power of stones is on the energy level. It is therefore on the psychic, emotional or spiritual levels that lithotherapy is the most effective.

How to use your stones in everyday’s life

Lithotherapy can be used in many ways. However, we will only talk here about the energy in lithotherapy which is the only one whose benefits seem real and safe to us in a personal context.

Using lithotherapy in everyday life

The method which seems to us the most effective is to wear or keep a stone close to you.

This method is very effective spiritually, your mind will slowly and naturally tap into the energy of the stone to rebalance your own energy.

By drawing slowly but steadily into the energy of the stone, it will be easier for you to assimilate this energy.

As part of this use, we recommend that you take a few minutes every day to relax (try to find a place that is as quiet as possible), focusing on your own energy, on the energy of the stone and on the stone. integration of the second to the first.

By allowing yourself to relax, it will allow your mind to be more receptive to the energy of the stone and the stone will only be more effective.

From a purely practical point of view, the easiest way to use lithotherapy on a daily basis is probably to wear stones in the form of jewellery, or drink from a Bijou Bottle, which will both, keep you hydrated and diffuse the stones energy in every sip thanks to its chamber filled with the Crystals of your choice.

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