The Art of Affirmations and Manifestations

Learning the art of attraction and manifestation will help us achieve what we want in life, by focusing in on what we want. Basically, the law of attraction states that we draw into ourselves anything we focus on. Studies have shown that where relationships are concerned, ‘like attracts like’ and what we focus on becomes manifested into our reality. This is what the law of attraction is. We create our own reality.

We actually do this already because our reality is shaped by our thoughts and beliefs based on what we were taught and believed since childhood. Think of the old adage, 'Life is what you make it.

Stay On Track

Let's bring everything together you have learned so far. Know that fulfilling your dreams is the purpose of your life. It's exercising your strengths and talents to contribute to the greater good of all. Know that fulfilling your dreams is your destiny. Never ever give anyone permission to take this powerful force away from you. Decide what you want in life. This may change during your life, so evaluate your goals and dreams every few years. Align with your long-term goals and adjust your short-term goals.

Know your strengths, talents and gifts. Also, know your weak areas, exercise your strengths and get help from others for your weak areas.

Have you thought about a mentor? Understand that you have unlimited attention. Decide where you want to put your attention.

Limit the areas where you waste your attention. Increase the areas where you want results.

Use your imagination as a virtual playing field. Imagine what it feels like to have reached your goals. Imagine what it feels like when you live your dreams. Contemplate your beliefs. Your beliefs create reality. Replace non-supporting beliefs with beliefs that support your goals and dreams.

Wrapping Up

Use a vision board to manifest your dreams. Buy a large corkboard and start pinning up your dreams. Use words and pictures that show exactly what you want in life. Put this board in a place where you are able to see it each day. Spend some time each day and let any imaginative thoughts and feelings flow through you. Your subconscious will immediately begin to work on turning your dreams into reality. Acting on these possibilities will finally bring your dreams to life

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