How To Cleanse Your Crystals


There are a few ways to cleanse your crystals, we have gathered some for you:

💫 Put them outside or on a windowsill on a full moon to recharge. Although ritual cleansing is often centred around certain points in the solar or lunar cycle, you can set your stone out at any time to cleanse and recharge.

Approximate duration: 10 to 12 hours For most tumbled stones (not amethyst though)

💫 Soak them in a bowl of salt water Salt has been used throughout history to absorb unwanted energy and banish negativity. For Hard stones, such as quartz and amethyst Approximate duration: up to 48 hours

💫 Smudge them with a sage stick or palo santo. Smudging your stone is said to clear inharmonious vibrations and restore its natural energy.

Approximate duration: about 30 to 60 seconds per stone For Any stones

💫 Use a cleansing crystal For example, you can lay your crystals on a Large quartz clusters, amethyst geodes, and selenite slabs, these can be great tools for clearing smaller stones.

Approximate duration: 24 hours Any stones

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